Precision landing in mission mode

  • Does precision landing work if the drone is mission mode. At the last point while it is landing?

    I haven't even tried running precision landing not sure how it works.

    Comparing it with the IR Beacon. What would be the better solution in my case?

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Aldo-Castro-Freire ,

    At least right now, use of the april tags (which I think you're referring to) is utilized outside of PX4/QGCs mission mode, in other words these aren't integrated features yet.

    April tag relocalization can be used in 'offboard mode', and waypoints could be configured, but again this is outside of the QGC/PX4 mission mode.

  • Sorry, what I was referring if that if I upload a mission plan to the drone and the waypoint is landing and sees the apriltag will this trigger relocation?

    So it lands on the square, basically will any landing with an April tag on the floor will trigger relocation? i.e. Mission plan with last item being landing or sending a command to land from qgc or mavsdk

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Aldo-Castro-Freire ,

    I'm still looking into this. Here's using VIO with mission mode: but more as a failsafe if GPS fails. Need to see about the integration of april tags with this.


  • So to use the april tag landing mode. Do I need to change the drone mode from mission to offboard and then in offboard mode set the drone to landing?

  • @modaltb I don't required VIO for the whole flight rn. I just wanted to test the landing. I would assume for my flights they all would be gps enable. But what gps lacks is precision on landing mostly, so I have been wanting to test how reliable is landing on top of Apriltag because we have some landing platforms and we need precision.
    I saw the the apriltag video and it didn't seem I needed to setup the precision landing mode, it just triggers the VIO

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