Uncontrolled drift on QVIO

  • Hello,
    I am running system image 3.8.0 on VOXLCAM. I had few crash flight on VOXLCAM due to uncontrolled drift when working in VIO mode. Setup was working fine till I had crashes due to my propulsion system not being stable. But now everything is stable except QVIO.
    I suspect tracking camera image has became blurry as you can see in below picture due to some impacts or crashes.

    • Can this uncontrolled drift be because of blurry tracking camera image? How to solve this problem?

    • Do I need to recaliberate camera?

    • What are standard procedure post crash which we need to follow to avoid uncontrolled drift?

    Screenshot from 2022-08-29 07-15-36.png

  • Dev Team

    The QVIO overlay display should be much more informative. You can find that under "Cameras" if the qvio server is running

    The blurry image may contribute, but if you crashed you should definitely recalibrate the tracking image sensor

  • @Chad-Sweet Thank you for the response. I will update qvio overlay as well.
    Just a quick question, Can the calibration fix blurry image on tracking camera? Do we also need to manually refocus lens just like for stereo camera with 6mm wrench?

  • @Chad-Sweet Here's QVIO Overlay snapshot. I do get odometry initially correctly but in-flight there was uncontrolled drift. Also let me know about following :

    • Can the calibration fix blurry image on tracking camera? Can we manually refocus lens with 6mm wrench for tracking camera as well?

    Screenshot from 2022-08-30 08-28-39.png

  • Dev Team


    It looks like your network is the issue here for the blurry image. Voxl-portal will compress images when it detects a poor network connection, and you can see that in the debug stats it's only able to pass through 40% quality image.

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