Voxl mapper on voxl2

  • On the voxl-mapper website 'https://gitlab.com/voxl-public/voxl-sdk/services/voxl-mapper', it says 'voxl-mapper requires some form of depth sensor input. As of now, the application is setup to take this depth input from a TOF sensor.'
    As there is no TOF on voxl2, what changes are to be made for voxl-mapper to work on voxl2

  • Hi,

    There are two answers to your question:

    1. You can pipe depth input from voxl-dfs-server (if you're running stereo cameras) to voxl-mapper, or any other service that you may create that produces depth estimates (i.e. if you had a depth from motion project).

    2. We absolutely plan to support the tof camera on voxl2, we're working on this right now internally and hope to support it in the next month or two.

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