Can high cpu could prevent manual control on drone?

  • Hi guys
    we had a super strange (and frightening 😉 ) test flight the other day.

    first of all drone setup :
    5" quadcopter with voxel flight equipped with lidar, stereo cam ,track cam and wide cam.

    we tested few offborad mode flights outside that went normally using gps.
    we started the test at ATT mode then to Pos mode and after switch to offboard.

    at some point at the flight we noticed a bit of a drift so we turn back to manual control mode , at that point i noticed that the drone is not response to my remote control (i had full communication & telemetry ).

    from that point i decided to trigger Kill switch from my remote and its also not responded !!

    at the end the drone perform some landing, i don't know how and had to pull out the battery out to kill it.

    we opened the log and we saw that at that point the cpu was fully loaded .
    can it be the problem? is there any thing you can understand from this log?

    Link to Flight log

  • Dev Team

    Hi @bensusana ,

    Thats an odd occurance that I haven't seen.

    Are you able to arm after a reboot?

    I see that the accel failed and timed out. I'm not sure if that made the CPU spike or that occurred in response to the CPU spike, but an accel failure will definitely cause flight controller instability.

    Regarding Offboard mode, are you flying VIO mode? I don't see the ekf2_aid_mask in the parameter list on the log.


  • @RichieRich
    Hi rich thanks for response.
    After reboot everything went normal,
    In this flight we the aid mask was default 1.

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