Drone does not take off in MAVROS

  • Hi,
    I am using an m500 drone. It works/takes off flawlessly in Manual and Position mode. The drone does not take off while testing mavros test file.
    I ran Ubuntu on VOXL using Docker following steps on this page: https://docs.modalai.com/docker-on-voxl/
    Then, I installed MAVROS on VOXL by following the steps on this page: https://docs.modalai.com/mavros/

    When I am testing mavros_test.sh or mavros.sh, the Drone does not takeoff. I have shared the image of the screen.
    I don't understand these two messages on the screen:

    1. Unexpected Command 520
    2. Requesting home position
      I tested the whole procedure on two drones multiple times and I get those same messages every time.


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