• Hello, I have just tried to pull the most recent voxl-tflite-server code from the public gitlab site. I'm following the instructions in the readme ( https://gitlab.com/voxl-public/voxl-sdk/services/voxl-tflite-server ) and was able to clean, install deps, and build without trouble in the voxl-cross:V1.9 container. Deploying via ADB, however, I get a "Not selecting voxl-tflite-server 0.2.3 due to incompatible architecture" message and the existing 0.1.8 remains. I'm using the VOXL and used the appropriate 'apq8096' argument (also I did "deploy" outside the docker container).

    Question is: Is voxl-tflite-server 0.2.3 perhaps not intended for the VOXL hardware? If it is, perhaps I'm missing something else? Thanks!


  • Hi Joe!

    We're most of the way through a big update that'll make all of our packages able to run on multiple architectures, this release will be paired with a system image update. If you'd like to manually build the latest from our gitlab in the meantime, simply add the line arch arm64 7 to /etc/opkg/arch.conf and then run opkg update on voxl.

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