CPU/GPU locations and thermals

  • Hi ModalAI,
    I'm about to setup some tests to check on the temperature on the pcb but I'm not quite sure where the GPU and the CPU is localized on the voxl. Can anyone tell me which component is the GPU and the CPU and if there's a well known temperature limit for these components? Right know I'm measuring temperatures around 100°C and above which is quite high. How much temperatures can they take and how does the system respond to overheating? Shut down or just decreasing the frequency?

    Thanks for your help!!

  • Dev Team

    If you're not heart-set on monitoring these externally, we already have a voxl-cpu-monitor process that will monitor the temperature, utilization, and frequency of the cores. You can see an in-terminal display of these values with voxl-inspect-cpu, and the source is a good way to see how to monitor this data within a c program. As for the cutoffs, the system tries to maintain under 100C (so you should never see anything above this reported in software), if it does start to get above this, the PMIC will start removing power and shutting off cores. It's generally pretty hard to actually trigger the PMIC even under heavy loads as long as there's any sort of heat distribution around the voxl. The only time's we've done this in the lab in the last 2 years is with a seeker sitting on a desk, even the propwash in flight is enough to cool it.

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