SDK version 1.1.3 issues (video stream breaks, reboot issue)

  • After updated to 1.1.3, few new things happen:

    1. using rb5-streamer (version 0.0.10): I'm able to see the stream properly on rtsp://VEHICLE_IP:8554/camera3. When stream is stopped for any reason, service does not restart (no matter how long I wait for it).
      As I understood, this should have been solved, according to the post here
      I'm not using any other camera servers (as far as I now).

    2. Shell command "reboot now" is now extremely slow (it was not prior to the update). It stops connections (wlan, wwan) immediately, but then the system still waits for something for almost 10 minutes (?), and does restart after that.
      I can use poweroff to turn the system off and then manually reset it. Is there some other way how to reset the RB5 more quickly?

    Anybody else observed these "features"? 🙂

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