Streaming stopping after running once

  • Hello,

    I got some issue with the Hi-Res streaming. I've setup the streaming service according to the documentation (

    Using either ffplay or VLC, I'm able to see the stream properly on rtsp://VEHICLE_IP:8554/camera3. However if I stop looking at the stream from ffplay (and/or VLC) and start looking again I cannot get anything.

    Restarting the rb5-streamer or the camera service has no impact either. Streaming is only working again after restarting the whole drone.

  • Dev Team


    At the moment we are currently looking into this issue. There seems to be a bug in the Qualcomm gstreamer source that doesn't allow a client to reconnect after all clients have disconnected. We've opened a support ticket with Qualcomm and are awaiting a solution.

    Currently we have a workaround in rb5-streamer (version 0.0.10) that'll check the amount of clients that are connected. Once it detects that all clients have disconnected, the service will restart and you'll be able to reconnect to the stream after a few seconds. However this feature only works when all other camera servers disabled.

  • @Hector-Nevarez Thanks for the quick reply. If the camera server are disabled I guess VIO can not work?

  • This post is deleted!

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