VOA bug

  • Hi guys

    I encountered on several occasions the Seeker aircraft does not respond to right movement inputs when collision prevention is enabled, although CP_GO_NO_DATA is also enabled (set to 1).

    On investigation, i noticed the following:

    • Apart from OBSTACLE_DISTANCE message sent by the VOXL to QGC, i am also able to see the OBSTACLE_DISTANCE message sent by PX4 to QGC. In flight, both can be received and seen on QGC through the Mavlink Inspector

    • Thats ok, as after looking thru the source code for the collision prevention module, it seems that PX4 "adds" both distance sensor (which does not exist on the Seeker) and obstacle distance (Seeker's stereo in this case), updates its internal obstacle map and throws out the updated OBSTACLE_DISTANCE msg.

    • However, when i looked at the OBSTACLE_DISTANCE thrown out by PX4 in real time, i noticed some oddities.

      • The "increment" value has changed from 5 deg to 10 deg (i cant confirm that PX4 aggregates it into 10 deg blocks irrespective of the inputs)

      • Sometimes (i dont know what is the condition), phantom obstacles started appearing in the OBSTACLE_DISTANCE msg in the between 40deg - 110 deg with respect to the nose.

    obstacles appearing.png
    I used Mission Planner's MAVLINK Inspector instead as QGC was unable to display all of the elements of the array in real time.

    This seems to be the cause why the Seeker does not respond to right movement commands; though i have no idea why this is happening. The Seeker i have is as stock/default as can be.

    Can someone in the dev team confirm that this is a bug?

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