Minimum Tracking Camera standoff

  • We have put the VOXL Flight deck on a custom H8 drone frame. It has been working well but we have been having an issue taking off in position mode. We also have a m500 with the VOXL flight deck so I know taking off in position mode is possible. I have been hand launching the H8 and have been very successful with this approach. We cannot do this all the time and am wondering Is there a minimum height the tracking camera needs to be off the ground for successful takeoff from an optical constraint? If not is there a parameter for setting this value? Been looking but have not found it.


  • Dev Team

    Hi Jeff,

    There's not so much a minimum height as a minimum amount for it to see. If you look at our seeker platform, the tracking camera is only 3cm above the ground, but to compensate for this the drone sits leaning back so that the camera is angled slightly upward when it's landed. If your drone sits on the body and the camera is facing down, you won't be able to take off with VIO, so you'll need to find some combination of height off the ground and angle that allows the camera to see a decent amount of its field of view in order to take off successfully.

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