Stereo camera point cloud

  • HI, I have a VOXL flight deck with me with stereo,tracking and hi-res cameras. I want to visualise the point-cloud date from the stereo cameras. As of now, I'm having a hard time visualizing one in rviz. When I run the camera feed, on doing rostopic list, I get one of the topics as /dfs_pointcloud. However, I'm unable to see any pointcloud data on Rviz. Looking for some help on this.

  • Dev Team

    Hello @gauravshukla914 ,

    If you are not dependent on ROS for visualization, you can use the latest dev version of voxl-portal to view pointclouds in a web browser.

    However, if you can see the topic via rostopic list you should be able to view in rviz as well (with the "fixed frame" set to world). Can you share any errors or messages from rviz when you attempt to view?

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