Unable to run example TFlite model in emulator docker image

  • I want to use the emulator to test the example tflite model.
    Is this at all possible?
    I am unable to go through the voxl-tflite configuration wizard so I imagine a lot of things would need to be set up on the emulator if it can be made to work at all.

    I wanted to follow this TFLite server tutorial on the emulator, but I cannot run the first step (voxl-configure-tflite -h).

    I guessed I should first install the voxl configuration scripts in the emulator image which I suppose are part of voxl-suite?

    I tried:

    opkg install voxl-suite

    in the emulator, but this didn't come close to running. I got the error:
    "docker: unsatisfied recommendation for kernel-module-dm-thin-pool"
    So I am doubting it is possible to run the example tflite model on the emulator. Is this the case?

    I am using a Ubuntu 20.04 image via WSL with docker support to run voxl-emulator_v1.5 image.


  • Dev Team

    Hi Michael,

    The docker images that we provide are all intended to serve as build environments, they are not meant to replicate the runtime behavior of a voxl but rather to provide a copy of the libraries and headers available on voxl to allow easy compiling/linking of projects.

  • Thanks, so what is the emulator for exactly? emulating native compilation? I am unclear of the emulator use case if it is not intended to emulate the voxl platform for application testing. Let me know, cheers!

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