hires camera issue

  • Hi, I have a voxl board with me with all the 3 cameras (tracking, stereo, and hires). The system image is 3.3.0. Currently I'm facing an issue with the Hires camera.

    I use the "roslaunch voxl_mpa_to_ros voxl_mpa_to_ros.launch" service to launch the cameras and view the output in rqt viewer. After running the service for some time, the process dies automatically (screenshot attached). Can you help me understand why does this happen? I have a dedicated wifi network associated with my hardware, so I dont think this is a network issue.Screenshot from 2021-11-22 22-54-50.png

  • Dev Team

    Hi Prasobh,

    It looks like rosnode got an invalid metadata when reading from the hires camera pipe. This is an uncommon issue and should really only occur if the CPU is overloaded and starts throttling the client reading the camera images, eventually overflowing the camera pipe, thus getting out of sync. Additionally, it says that the data pipe disconnected, possibly indicating a problem with voxl-camera-server. If this occurs again, checking the logs with journalctl -u voxl-camera-server may provide some useful information as to what issue may have occurred on the hardware side.

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