AGC Exposure Cycling

  • Hello,
    We have been having a strange behavior with the tracking camera. The exposure setting is bouncing around and giving unusable images.


    We did not have the same issue indoors. It seems to be related to overcast because we previously did not have this issue with a clear sky.

    Have you seen this happen before? Is there any more data you need to diagnose what is happening?

    Is there any information/options for the agc? Is this an issue with hardware?


  • That is interesting, we've not seen anything like this since we settled on our current AE settings, though as you say these may just be some strange lighting conditions. You can tweak the exposure values in /etc/modalai/voxl-camera-server.conf. The changeable parameters are all of the ones with modal_ae_... If you're interested in how it works under the hood/what chages would do, you can find the exposure source here

  • Thanks Alex. Mainly wanted to check if this was a known issue with hardware or the AE algorithm. It is strangely repeatable on this flight deck. Works indoors in pretty extreme high contrast, fails outside in hazy/overcast conditions. Another flight deck was working well in the same/similar conditions. We've ordered some more hardware and will follow up after doing more testing with AE settings.

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