Camera rotation relation in extrinsics file

  • Hi, I'm trying to set up the extrinsics configuration file for use with qvio (using the default version of all apps that come with the latest system image 3-2-0-0.3.4. I'm following the rotation order in the comments of the extrinsics.conf file, but I keep seeing VIO blow ups with the smallest of movements. Also, the debug message from the voxl-qvio-server app when loading the extrinsics config file outputs two rotations, one from parent to child and another from child to parent, however they seem to be the exact same rotation just in different formats (euler angle vs rotation matrix):


    Is there a tested orientation setup I can use as reference? Thank you

  • I was able to resolve this issue by trial and error of the camera orientation, it seems like the documentation is outdated and does not provide an accurate reference for a starting point to obtain the proper values.

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