Indoor drone selection

  • Hello, I am looking for a drone that is able to demonstrate indoor navigation with sensor fusion using a camera and a down-looking proximity sensor. Since I might need to apply some mounting structure on the drone, I'm leaning more toward the bigger models - m500, Qualcomm Flight, and Sentinel. And I hope the Time of Flight sensor produced by modalAI can serve as my down-looking proximity sensor.

    I'm looking for technical suggestions about these three models

    1. Do they all support GPS-denied environments?
    2. Are they all compatible with the ToF sensor?
    3. Can I access pixel-wise data from the ToF sensor?
    4. From the datasheet, m500 is very different from the other two on computation capability. However, the specifications for Qualcomm Flight and Sentinel look similar. Is the biggest difference in their 5G connectivity?

    Thank you so much in advance for the answers/suggestions.

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