VOXL2 QVIO recover during flight after failure

  • Druing position mode once the VIO fails it does not recover during flight even if features are there. Is there any way to recover it during the flight itself?

  • Dear ModalAI team,

    I too am interested in understanding this better.

    I understand that when using QVIO as the only source of localisation data, re-initialisation mid-air to base-coordinates would be quite dangerous, and hence not at all recommended.

    But, in scenarios when the MAV is using QVIO data in conjunction with other localisation/odometry sources like GPS or HereFlow, Is there currently any way to configure the QVIO server to (re-)initialise itself based on the current EKF pose from PX4?

  • A small observation from my side. While we are flying the quad indoors with compass disabled and using a external optical sensors (in both cases) the qvio recovers itself even after force restarting it using terminal, but the same does not recovers itself outside. For both the cases the exposure and gain of tracking cam was in auto. Can you tell us what might be the issue

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