High-Resolution + TOF + Stereo on VOXL?

  • Is it possible to run High-Resolution + TOF + Stereo on the VOXL? Very familiar with the configs at https://docs.modalai.com/voxl-camera-config/

    Apologies for a bit of a noob question -- just tried it out and getting a segfault when J4 is set to stereo.
    If it doesn't work now, that's fine just curious if it is fixable in software or a different port config before we dive in too far.


  • Dev Team

    Yes! This is possible, though there are two notes:

    1. The stereo cameras need to be in the regular stereo port(J3), the tof needs to be on the bottom port (J2), and the Hires cam needs to be on the side port (J4). The actual restrictions are: stereo needs to be J3, hires can be J3 or J4, and tof can be any, leading to that arrangement. Theoretically the hires cam could be configured for J2, but a lot more work would be involved to validate that than use the current configurations.

    2. Since we've never used the cameras in this arrangement, there is not a preset configure-cameras option for this. The configure-cameras script is actually very simple, all it does is call a config-helper binary with the right arguments to set up the camera server config file. To configure the camera server, plug in all of the cameras, and then run camera server with the -l flag to list the cameras that are actually plugged in. Once you see which cameras have received which Id, you can either manually c all the camera-server-config-helper script with arguments in the same format shown by the voxl-configure-cameras script, or you can manually copy-paste sections of the config file into place, since it is a relatively simple JSON file.

  • Hi @Alex-Gardner I'm trying to accomplish the same thing as the OP but I'm running into some problems (my thread: https://forum.modalai.com/topic/1703/non-standard-camera-configuration-on-voxl-running-4-0-0-0-9-4). When connecting the stereo to J3 and hires to J4 voxl-camera-server -l outputs only two cameras which are the stereo, it does not recognize hires unless its on J2 but that has its own slew of problems which I've gone into more detail in my thread. Any help with this would be appreciated.

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