VOXL 2 tflite & mpa to ROS topic issues

  • So tflite works perfectly fine, and outputs correctly to the tflite and tflite_data topics. However, the tflite_detections topic that appears after running mpa to ros is just empty and doesn't contain data while a simultaneous echo of tflite_data shows detections are in fact occurring.

  • Hi @jonathankampia,

    After running voxl-mpa-to-ros, you should see the /tflite_data and /tflite topics created as they just mirror the existing pipe names from the tflite-server.

    I am not sure what you are referencing with the tflite_detections topic, but if you could share the output of voxl-version, voxl-list-pipes, as well as a rostopic list with the two services running I can help debug.

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