voxl-replay repeatability

  • Hi,
    By replaying the voxl-logger log, I am trying to recreate QVIO behavior. However, the QVIO output appears to differ from the original log. Additionally, replaying the same log several times does not result in the same QVIO output (see attached plot). I guess this is due to the different initial state of the QVIO at every replay (before the voxl-replay begins). Would it be possible to force QVIO to perform independently at each log replay, and more importantly, to perform identically to the original log?

    I am using voxl2
    in order to obtain logs and replay them I am using the following comands:
    for logging:
    voxl-logger -o -t 30 --note log_for_replay_test
    for replay:
    I am modifing info.json to include only two channels (IMU and tracking)
    voxl-logger -o -t 35
    voxl-replay -n 0 -y

  • Dev Team

    hmmm. I assume you have disabled voxl-camera-server and voxl-imu-server when replaying the data so there is no conflict?

    Do you mind providing the log so I can try replaying the same data?

  • Yes, those servers were disabled. The QVIO server was running. You can download the log here.
    please note the modified info.json file which was used to replay only the IMU and the camera data.

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