VOXL 2 IMX377/IMX412 support and configuration

  • I'm trying to get the IMX377 working on the VOXL2 and not having much luck. Most information I found regarding this appears to be on the VOXL (1) rather than the VOXL 2, so I'd like to confirm that the IMX377 and IMX412 is supported on the VOXL 2.

    My attempts have pretty much consisted of running voxl-configure-cameras 4 to use hires only. Loosely following the quick-start video, I have been connecting the camera to J7 via the M0084 Dual camera adapter (attached to JU), and while this works with the IMX214 (M0025-2), it doesn't work with the IMX377 (M0026). Is there any documentation I'm missing on how to configure this properly? I'd also like to eventually use 2-3 of these sensors; is this supported, and does it require the use of specific CSI-2 ports?

    System info:
    system-image: 1.2.1-M0054-14.1a-perf
    hw version: M0054
    voxl-suite: 0.7.0

  • Dev Team

    HI @PSI ,

    Nice work on getting this far! We owe our camera docs some love....

    IMX377 isn't currently supported (I had to myself look! https://docs.modalai.com/voxl2-feature-matrix/)

    Currently on that slot we have IMX214 and IMX577 (which works with IMX412)...

    I will throw this in our queue to look at though. We are trying to enable sensors on any port, we have some constraints that arose from stereo use case and flexes we had, but are trying to open this up.

  • @modaltb I see, is support for the IMX377 on the roadmap? I'm tempted to just go with the IMX412 (as soon as that's back in stock).

    Regarding configuration, is there anything extra that needs to be done to change from the IMX214 to the IMX412; do I have to manually edit the /etc/modalai/voxl-camera-server.conf file? Or does the camera server or related services automatically scan for general hires sensors and figure out which specific sensor attached?

  • Dev Team

    We normally do a 'proper' voxl-camera-server update to add meta data (e.g. this commit) but I've used the imx214 with updated preview_width etc for a different sensor and it seemed to run OK for me for testing.

    Let me see about IMX377, seems like if we sell it we SHOULD support it already!!! But need to see what's up.

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