Seeker maps its own props in Voxl-mapper

  • Hi, I've been testing out the mapping on the Seeker and have been facing issues where there are intermittent objects being mapped in the immediate front and off to each side of the Seeker's position in the voxl portal. These seem to be the tips of the propellers are being mapped as they are in the view of the TOF sensor, which results in blobs that follow the drone everywhere. It also seems to affect the VOA, which results in jerky motions while moving forwards as it repeatedly stops and starts as it sees the propellers.

    I am using the clear propellers that are for the Seeker. I replaced the front set with brand new ones which helped slightly when I figured out the issue but it still causes the blobs to form.

    Is there anyway to get the Seeker to ignore the propellers while mapping?


  • Here are some pictures of the issue. Did some more testing and it might not be the props as I tested with the props off and the close points are still there. Is there something wrong or blocking the TOF sensor on the seeker?

    Screenshot from 2022-11-11 17-07-51.png

    Screenshot from 2022-11-11 17-11-39.png

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