Can't Connect to QGC Microhard

  • Alright everyone, I've setup everything (I think) on my VOXL Flight Deck. My microhards are paired. I'm able to SSH into the VOXL over the Microhard network. PX4 is setup to allow comms:
    voxl-vision-px4 is configured:
    (Yes my GCS IP is

    I'm pretty sure my mavlink server config is right:

    I can't connect and I can't see any UDP messages being broadcasted to me. Honestly, I'm stumped. This feels like it should have been pretty straight forward for someone that has been setting up drone networks for years now but I am completely at a loss right now. Any help would be useful.

  • I guess one more interesting thing:
    When I run voxl vision debug it gets hung up at "Init complete, entering main loop"

  • nvm, solved it.

    Had to enable and run the service voxl-mavlink-server first, then do the same with the voxl-vision-px4 service.

    I'll leave this here for posterity

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