Doubts regarding collision avoidance and collision prevention.

  • Hello Team,

    1. I am trying to implement collision avoidance in voxl-cam but getting an error ( Arming denied avoidance system not ready ) while arming the vehicle. Is it due to current system image (voxl-version) doesn't support VOA? if that is the case which system image should I use? Below is current voxl-version info:
    voxl:~$ voxl-version 
    system-image: 3.3.0
    kernel:       #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Jun 6 19:41:01 UTC 2021 3.18.71-perf
    hw version:   VOXL
    voxl-suite:   0.5.0
    1. Also wanted to insure, does collision prevention work in offboard flight mode? or it just works in position mode?


  • Any idea how can I implement obstacle avoidance (VOA) in offboard mode with MAVSDK? because after enabling VOA in QGC safety parameter list, I am not even able to arm the vehicle.
    Or to implement VOA I have to use information given here.

  • I recommend following: as a starting point before attempting any custom integrations.

    And updating to the latest system image build from which is 4.0.0.

  • @Steve-Turner I am able to do the collision prevention as mentioned in the docs in the position mode but it does not work in offboard mode. I have seen written in px4 docs that collision prevention works in position mode and obstacle avoidance works in mission and offboard mode.
    So, my aim is to enable obstacle avoidance, and use MAVSDK script for offboard mode. But I am stuck with the problem of drone not getting arm after enabling obstacle avoidance from QGC.

    I have also tried using different images but it didn't work. Also I have tried enabling obstacle avoidance in voxl2 but same problem persisted.

  • I'm not 100% sure but I think you can check if you have publish /mavros/companion_process/status with component value 196 correctly, it should be publish by px4 avoidance automatically if your setup is good.

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