Fatal error from hires camera

  • Re: Recieved Fatal error from camera (hires)

    Hello, I am doing some testing with the cameras on a m500 with the voxl flight deck. Recently whenever I go to the portal and select multi-view, the stereo and tracking cameras show up fine but hires is blank. After a second or so the camera server crashes, and I can no longer see the feed from any cameras. I tested the same hires camera with another flight deck and it worked fine, I also switched out the mipi extension cable to one that for sure works. I also recently flashed the voxl to version 3.8, so all of the software is up to date. Attached are some log files. I am worried that something is wrong with the hires mipi port on the flight deck.

    Screenshot 2022-10-29 151100.png
    Screenshot 2022-10-29 151124.png

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