RB5 with VOXL SDK cannot calibrate Stereo cameras

  • Hello,

    When we try to run "voxl-calibrate-camera stereo_front -s 9x6 -l 0.073" or "voxl-calibrate-camera stereo_front -s 9x6 -l 0.02413," and after we perform and complete the necessary calibration using voxl-portal, the process ends up giving an error along the lines of "Error is bigger than reprojection error." The max reprojection error allowed is 0.5, but our errors range from 1 to 5. We performed this same process on our VOXL2-based Sentinel with no issues, it is only the rb5s that give us this issue.

    Please advise us on how we can calibrate our stereo cameras on these rb5s with the VOXL SDK.

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