BUG: VOXL2-based Sentinel voxl-qvio-server crashes after 1-2 mins of Flight

  • Hello,

    Currently, when we try and fly the Sentinel VOXL2-based drone in VIO mode without GPS manually with RC transmitter, the voxl-qvio-server goes into a FAIL state in 1-2 minutes after flying. By running voxl-inspect-qvio, we determined that the error messages returned when the voxl-qvio-server crashes are IMU_BW and IMU_BW_BAD_CAM_CAL. We are using the default tracking camera calibration that came with the Sentinel.

    In flight, there is an average of 20ish features at all times during the flight. However, the average q-value (quality) is between 0-20% (fails at -1).

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