Camera Servers, Docker/Build, royale-331-spectre-4-7

  • Was looking into the latest "bleeding edge" on a few repos as we are progressing with VOXL kit and had a few general questions and one issue.

    The "old" camera server, , originally build in the emulator it looks like.

    The "new" camera server, , uses the new VOXL Cross 2.1 Docker Image it seems like for the build. Which works -- except when trying to get PMD ToF branch built as it bails looking for the royale-331-spectre-4-7 package.

    The package is available in the emulator and in the real image, but not the package repositories. I don't see it in any of the proprietary IPK's either.

    I'm very likely doing something silly but also doing something I understand is unstable and still a work in progress. So, apologies for that but just wanted to bring it up in case I'm missing something obvious before I spend any more time.


  • Dev Team


    You're not missing anything, we've redone our build process for royale/spectre in preparation for tof support on voxl2. This necessitates a new voxl-cross that we'll publish once we've finalized this process. We're messing with that branch daily on our workstations and are currently manually installing the r/s package that we build here when we're testing. Once we're done with this support we'll merge it into dev and upload a new voxl-cross 2.2 with the correct r/s packages.

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