Dual Stereo only

  • Has anyone had luck running camera server / voxl-streamer without having the HIRES/Tracking cameras plugged in? Even though I disable it in the configuration file in /etc/modalai/voxl-camera-server.conf it seems like it MUST be plugged in in order to use the dual stereo feature.

    ------ voxl-camera-server: Starting camera server
    	Started Camera: stereo_front
    ERROR: Get camera 4(stereo_rear) info failed!
    Encountered error starting camera: stereo_rear, exiting
    	Stopped Camera: stereo_front

  • Dev Team


    If you physically unplug two of the cameras the IDs for the other cameras will decrease to populate the first N IDs. In the normal setup front stereo is ids 0 and 1, tracking is 2, hires is 3, and rear stereo is 4 and 5. If you've unplugged the tracking and hires you'll need to change the rear stereo ids to 3 and 2 instead of 5 and 4 since there will only be 4 cameras. I.E:

    	"name":	"stereo_rear",
    	"enabled":	true,
    	"frame_rate":	30,
    	"type":	"ov7251",
    	"camera_id":	3,
    	"camera_id_second":	2,
    	"independent_exposure":	false,
    	"ae_desired_msv":	60,
    	"ae_filter_alpha":	0.600000023841858,
    	"ae_ignore_fraction":	0.20000000298023224,
    	"ae_slope":	0.05000000074505806,
    	"ae_exposure_period":	1,
    	"ae_gain_period":	1

  • Thanks for your reply! I got it working. Thank you!

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