Cannot open voxel-portal on two browser tabs simultaneously.

  • I want to use voxel mapper for autonomous flight.
    I want to view from camera along with voxl-mapper to confirm that the map has been correctly constructed and the created path will not collide/scrape with any obstacle.
    But I cannot open voxl-portal in more than one tab. Is it not possible to do so?

  • Hey @ahmed-mustahid,

    You can view one camera stream at a time within the Mapper page of voxl-portal.

    The bottom left hand corner of the page includes a button (tv icon) to overlay an image stream on top of the map grid. Clicking on this tv icon will populate a list above of all available image topics, similar to the camera dropdown.

    Selecting one will overlay it on the page, where it can be resized via the bottom left corner of the stream and closed using the red x at the bottom left.

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