can't build voxl-qvio-server pkg without mvVISLAM.h

  • Hi, I'm trying to build an updated voxl-qvio-server package with the last version available on dev brench.
    While following the build instructions on voxl-qvio-serer repo I run './ apq8096', but after running I got the following error -
    "/home/root/server/main.cpp:46:10: fatal error: mvVISLAM.h: No such file or directory
    #include <mvVISLAM.h>
    After searching up for the file I realized there is not such file in the directory at all... I'm just trying to understand how should I be able to build the package without the required file...

  • Dev Team


    Are you building in the correct docker environment? voxl-qvio-server must be built within the voxl-emulator image, which has the necessary files baked in.

    From the README of the project:

    prerequisite: voxl-emulator docker image >= v1.7 for APQ8096, qrb5165-emulator (>=1.3) for qrb5165 builds.

  • @Matt-Turi Ty, I used a different image(voxl cross image), it is working with the voxl emulator.

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