smsc Lan95xx driver

  • We built our own "daughter board" that stacks on J3 breaking out UART and USB. We are using a smsc Lan9514 converter which VOXL is seeing, but not functioning due to the absence of the driver. We can pull the source code for the driver, but can't get it to build. It seems the build file is pointing at the kernel where the headers are missing. Can you help fix this? I think in 1.2.2 you guys had support for the lan chip but that kernel or the drivers don't appear to be available to us.

  • Hello,

    The driver you are looking for (SMSC95XX) was recently added to our kernel build. It has not made its way to a platform release yet so you'll have to build kernel and flash your device with it.

    From the information given, I believe you are on the VOXL2 platform. If this assumption is incorrect let me know and I'll link the instructions for building the VOXL1 kernel.

    Here are the instructions for building the VOXL2 kernel. In order to build the kernel, you'll want to clone this qrb5165-kernel-build-docker repository. This project builds a docker image that we then use in order to build the kernel for the qrb5165 (VOXL2) device. For instructions on how to do so, you can look at our VOXL2 Kernel Build Guide.

    Once the kernel is flashed, you'll have the driver enabled on your device. Please let me know if you run into any issues.

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