GPS time

  • I would like to be able to synchronize event across multiple platform by using gps time (or unix time based on gps time).

    I checked the gps_raw_int message which contains a timestamp but it only seems to be the time since boot and not an unix timestamp. It also seems like the sys_timestamp message might have a gps converted unix time but I am not sure if this message is available as a MPA pipe on the voxl side.

    Any pointer to get gps time synchronization would be appreciated 🙂 !

  • Dev Team


    voxl-vision-px4 will set the system clock time based on gps time if there's not a network connection, so if you're running vvpx4 on the platforms you can use the system time to synchronize the events.

    If you want to pull from GPS directly, you can parse the gps messages from voxl-mavlink-server and get the GPS time yourself from there.

  • @Alex-Gardner

    Thanks for the clarification. I am planning to have a local network enabled but without internet/ntp server. Is there a way to trigger the gps time sync manually in this situation ?


  • @Chris-P

    to answer my own question, I checked the voxl-vision-px4 code and the system time will be set once from gps time (when valid) if it has not been set yet by ntp or manually.

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