ekf2_aid - flying without gps

  • hi guys
    we had some bad flight test during last week while testing outdoor flights.
    we tried to test gps stop while flying in a mission , before even stop the gps it seems that qvio had some reset and the quadcopter lost his position and started to drift very fast until we made manual control landing.

    my question is this ,
    since we used also with gps ( Ekf2_aid_mask =281)
    my thought was that if we had a problem ,the system will only use gps instead of getting wrong reading from qvio , am assuming right?

    how can we assure that gps will be the first choice for navigation in case of a qvio reset or low Q issue ?

    thanks in advanced

  • Dev Team


    PX4 does not currently support the smooth handling of transitions in/out of stable vision odometry data. We're been working on this with the PX4 team but generally right now PX4's ekf doesn't have any support for handling quality metrics/resets. For both this reason and the fact that the vision data accuracy decreases with distance, we don't really recommend running VIO outdoors. We have done flights outdoors with it, but it requires the right conditions and flying relatively low (and this still will not play nicely with GPS).

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