How to enable ADB connection?

  • Hi, I'm newbie to Modal AI RB5.
    I just received the chipset and I tried to install the SDK on it by following the guide:

    Unfortunately, when I connected it to my PC, only the Qualcomm QD Loader is shown in my device manager, not the USB devices.
    Therefore, when I type 'adb devices' commands, I can't see anything.
    Because the guide starts from pushing sdk through ADB, I'm stunk in here.

    Is there are any steps required to use ADB on RB5 chipset?
    Or, Is there are any guide that I can follow?

    Any help would be greatful.
    Thanks for reading.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @JehyunCha,

    Welcome to the RB5 Platform!
    It's likely you need to set up ADB.

    Generally, we recommend you start by following the RB5 User guide linked Here before checking our the RB5 SDK.
    This page in particular should help you out: Connect over ADB, as well as Set up ADB

    Let us know if you are still having trouble,


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