Front/Rear stereo camera questions

  • Hello,
    We have procurred VOXL 2 development kit and I had few queries regarding hardware/software setup of front and rear stereo camera pairs.

    • Are Fisheye lens camera OV7251 compatible with current VOXL-2 front and rear stereo camera flex CSI connectors? If yes please provide link to the compatible camera to buy.

    • Is stereo camera calibration for VOXL-2 similar to VOXL-1 ? Is this link for camera caliberation relevant? Also is fisheye lens calibration supported?

  • Dev Team

    Hi Aks,

    For you first question, yes the internal sensor is the same for the pinhole and fisheye cameras, if you want to have stereo fisheye you can buy them here and plug them into the stereo flexes.

    The camera calibration procedure is identical for the two platforms (we have the same voxl sdk running on both), though we've made a few improvements to the camera calibration procedure that'll make the extrinsics calibration much more straightforward than what's currently in the docs (will be updated when the release is live). Something to note is that we haven't tested the extrinsics calibration procedure with fisheye cameras, and there may need to be some tweaks made if you're trying to use them as a stereo pair. If you just want more fisheye cameras, it'll work fine as-is.

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