Voxl-Portal Core Heat Measurement weird results

  • Hi,
    i'm currently doing heat measurements on 2 apq8096 Voxls with voxl-portal im getting different measurements on both voxls:
    Voxl 1:
    Voxl 2:

    both are running the exact same Processes. Could this be code fault of voxl-portal or something different?

  • Voxl-portal is just publishing data from the voxl-cpu-monitor service. If you open a terminal window and run voxl-inspect-cpu you can see the same data. It looks here like the first voxl is mostly idle (2 cores around 20% and 2 around 5%) and the other is pretty heavily loaded (2 around 20%, 1 at 50% and 1 that has been shutdown probably due to overheating). Even if you're running the same processes, they can be utilizing wildly different amounts of the cpu. voxl-qvio-server is a chief one to keep an eye on, it is known to start churning pretty hard if it's getting bad camera frames (like if the drone is sitting on a desk and the tracking camera sees nothing).

  • @Alex-Gardner Thank you for the fast answer

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