Offboard mode and figure 8

  • I was trying to fly in offboard mode and I had a very weird behavior. I'm wondering if the drone is not trying to do a figure 8 when switched to offboard like by default with the VOXL.

    I tried sending a zero velocity command with MAVROS but the drone is still moving. Looking at the log I see a position setpoint for x,y,z (while I'm only sending velocity). I can also see the zero velocity setpoint (for vx, vy, vz) fighting with some other setpoint value.

    I also want to add that I set the PX4 parameters according to documentation and that position flight mode is working fine and very stable.

    Is the RB5 also doing a figure 8 when switching to offboard and how to deactivate it to use input from MAVROS instead? It doesn't have an equivalent to voxl-vision-px4 configuration file.

  • Hello,

    In our current release, the rb5 will do a figure 8 when in offboard mode by default. Currently there is no way to disable this.

    We do however have an updated version of rb5-qvio-server (0.0.7) that'll have figure 8 mode disabled by default. To enable figure 8 mode in this release, you'd use the -f flag to do so. This updated version can be downloaded here. This version of rb5-qvio-server will be included in the next sdk release, but for now it should help you disable figure 8 mode.

  • We cannot access the download, it requires authentication. Is there a fix for this issue?

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