Realsense driver installation on docker image

  • Hi,
    Am planning to install ros realsence camera driver package on voxl docker image. I have tried to install directly as creating ros workspace on docker image and git installed realsense driver package as similar to documentation provided for installing tof sensor ( . But when i tried to compile the ros package on docker image, its throwing errors and unable to install ros dependencies using "sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic****" on terminal. I wish to know about how to install new ros packages on voxl docker image.

  • Dev Team

    Voxl and it's software build image use ros indigo, not kinetic. You'll either need to install the indigo version of this package or use an ubuntu 18.04 docker image with ros kinetic installed (and use this on voxl). A sample such image for using kinetic on voxl can be found near the bottom of our downlods page (roskinetic-xenial docker image)

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