VOXL2 Opencv with Opencl

  • Hello, Team
    I'd like to run voxl-docker-opencv-opencl example with VOXL2 and no docker.
    I tried to build voxl-opencv with opencl flag and followed docker file.
    But I always got Enable OpenCL failed! from the c++ source.
    I want to use VOXL2 Adreno 650 GPU as needed.
    Please give me some advice?

  • The result of hellocl : OpenCL error: clGetDeviceIDs(-1)

    The result of fast_corners : Enable OpenCL failed!

    I built the opencv again with this file. I could install it but still same error. Is it caused by diff of GPU model?(Adreno 530 vs Adreno 650)

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