Voxl2 Wifi not working

  • I purchased the AWUS036ACS dongle and cant get it to work on the Voxl2. I am using a USB connection through a microhard board. When I run lsusb it sees the realtek controller however, it doesnt automatically create the wlan0 instance so I cannot connect to a wifi source. Is there something I am missing or will I have to compile a driver for the dongle before I can use it. It is one of the three that is supported on your site so I assumed connection would be relatively automatic.

  • Hello!

    The driver for this wifi dongle should already come installed on Voxl2. It might be the case that you have an older system image that might not include this driver. Which system image do you have installed? You can check this by running the following command on the Voxl2:


    Also can you send the output of:


    This will print out which kernel modules are loaded on the Voxl2.

  • @Hector-Nevarez

    system-image: 1.2.1-M0054-14.1a-perf

    lsmod reports nothing:

    Module Size Used by

  • Hi,

    When running lsmod I would expect to see a list of different kernel modules including the 88XXau kernel module which is the driver for that wifi dongle. Luckily we've also included the kernel module in the Voxl2 file system under the path: /lib/modules/4.19.125/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/88XXau.ko
    I would suggest first trying to load this kernel module using the insert module command:

    insmod /lib/modules/4.19.125/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/88XXau.ko

    You should then run ifconfig and see if the wlan0 interface appears, if it does then the module has been successfully loaded and you should now be able to use your wifi dongle.

    However, I do recommend upgrading your system image by installing our newest 1.3.1-0.8 platform release. This will upgrade your system image to 1.3.1 and install the 0.8 SDK. This can be found on our downloads page. I recommend doing this because for some reason all your kernel modules are missing. I'm not sure what might've caused this, but it might lead to other issues.

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