VIO uses only tracking camera and no ToF data on voxlcam?

  • Hi all! I wanted to confirm if the following was true:

    1. The ToF data is used for collision avoidance feature
    2. The downward facing cameras a used for apriltag localization and for tracking features on the ground for VIO.

    If true, why are we not using also the ToF for the localization and VIO? Another related question is can we have vertical apriltags (like on walls) and also re-localize based on them?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • @Alex-Gardner anyone? Thanks in advance for your answer.

  • Hi,

    For both 1 and 2 you are correct. Our current VIO setup using only the tracking camera performs quite well and is lightweight. Leveraging the ToF data for VIO would take significantly more compute resources and would not necessarily result in a large improvement. Our goal is to keep the VIO system as light as possible in terms of compute resources so that customers have more room to play with when they layer on their own software.

    As for your question about apriltags, it is possible to set them vertically.

  • @Matthew-Booker thank you! 🙏

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