Video streaming delay

  • Hi dev team,

    I'm testing video stream using voxl-rtsp, voxl-streamer.

    I found a few seconds latency for streaming in my home wifi connection.

    even I use pddl module, latency is simular.

    could you please recommend to reduce latency for streamming?


  • Dev Team

    @shlee853 Can you please provide some more details? Are you using voxl-rtsp or voxl-streamer? Which camera are you streaming video from? What are you using to view the video?

  • @Eric-Katzfey I used both of them.

    I tested latest version of voxl-suite with M500 VOXL flight.

    Camera sources are hire-solution mpa, stereo and tracking camera also.

    wireless connection is home 300Mbps wifi with 5.4GHz.

    I got the stream data using VLC client for mpa and rqt_image_view for voxl_mpa_ros.

    all of them has 3-4 seconds latency from source.

    Is it normal?

    Could you please let me know your latency for video streamming if you can measure?


  • Dev Team

    Our normal test platform is QGroundControl. Delay is less than one second. VLC is known to introduce extra buffering and latency. You can change the VLC settings to get lower latency but, in my experience, it will always be much higher than QGroundControl.

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