Instructions/documentation needed on how to add new code snippet on voxl-build

  • I am trying to add a new code on top of the existing one.

    The use case is: To stream multiple camera streams on Qgroundcontrol after a specific interval.

    Progress uptill now:
    I can able to stream camera videos using SSH connection ( & using command

    voxl-rtsp -c 0 # Stream video from Hi-res Image Sensor
    voxl-rtsp -c 1 # Stream video from Hi-res Image Sensor
    voxl-rtsp -c 2 # Stream video from Hi-res Image Sensor

    Now, I want to make a script for it, it will auto start the camera stream on the boot & start streaming & switch the streams after every few seconds.

    Need help on how to add that code snippet, where to add it etc & any useful links/docs/tutorial/videos will also work.

    thank you!

  • Dev Team

    Voxl uses systemd for startup. You create a "service" file to implement your desired startup action and place it in the /etc/systemd/system directory. There are lots of guides and documentation on the Internet about how to create systemd service files. You can also look at the service files already on Voxl for some examples.

  • Thank you for your reply, I will definitely try this.

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